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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Boost Curb Appeal With A Custom Garage Door

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog, Residential Garage Doors

Custom Garage Door | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Modern carriage-style doors mimicking wood give this farm-style house added character and appeal.

There?s no doubt the modern family ?front door? is the garage. Become the envy of the neighborhood when you replace a boring door with a custom garage door. With the dozens of styles, finishes and accessories you have a selection of custom looks without custom prices. Adding to the curb appeal of your Janesville home with a distinctive door makes a statement. You want your personality to shine, right?

Not long ago the door on the family?s garage was an afterthought in the design process. It was white or beige and boring. All it had to do is go up and down on command. That, of course is still its role. But it is expected to look good doing it. Your garage door reflects the overall style of your home and boosts resale value. Curb appeal is everything ? there?s only one ?first impression.?

Modern doors adapt to the latest ?smart? technology, save energy and protect your possessions from storms. Your older door is not only out of date when it comes to technology, it?s probably out of style, too.

Custom Garage Door Style Choices

The most common style, dominating the market for more than 20 years, is a traditional raised panel steel door. Steel panels come in wood grain prints mimicking many real woods. They are available in dozens of colors. Steel offers the texture and appearance of wood without the maintenance or cost.

With steel panels as the basic building blocks, door makers have stepped up their game and expanded into new looks to accommodate architectural advances. There are steel doors to coordinate with every style from ultra-modern to colonial. Trend setters include:

  • Carriage House Doors ? doors reflecting the early American home?s carriage storage space are the hottest selling replacement garage doors. Every major company makes a series complete with accessories to fit tradition and period creations. Today?s carriage storage spaces have the benefit of the latest technology as well as timeless good looks. Today, these doors are available as steel panels, wood composites and real wood. Custom-looks make them appear to swing open on hinges when they are, in fact, modern overhead doors. Steel doors are low-maintenance while wood garage doors provide added charm and distinctive ?feel.? Fitted with the latest garage door openers and accessories they allow you to take advantage of new technology while visually ?turning back the clock.?
  • A modern look ? contemporary architecture shines with sleek, modern trim. There are garage doors to put the ?wow? factor to work on your modern home. Vibrant colors and textured finishes are just a start. Custom windows ? or an all-glass door ? add both styling and function. To take advantage of Wisconsin?s breezes, a full-sized garage door screen is an accessory worth considering.

Don?t Overlook Garage Door Function

Custom Garage Door | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

A contemporary all glass panel garage door accents a modern home perfectly.

While your new ?front door? should look great, never underestimate its importance to the well-being of your home and family. Functional features of new doors to consider when you review the many options include:

  • Insulated garage doors ? the whims of Wisconsin weather put demands on your home?s heating and cooling system. Studies show a lot of heat is lost/gained through the walls directly connected to the garage. You know that?s true just stepping into the garage from an air-conditioned house on a hot summer day, right? Insulated garage door panels help to reduce heating and cooling costs. Replacing old doors with insulated modern designs pays dividends beyond curb appeal.
  • Storm protection ? wind and weather are factors to be considered. Winter snow storms and summer thunder storms come with damaging wind. Wind-resistant doors aren?t just for hurricane-prone states. They make sense here, too. Doors rated to withstand extreme wind load ? forces of high-speed winds ? make sense in southern Wisconsin. Damaged garage doors open the structure to additional frame and roof destruction. Top manufacturers offer doors capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds. Does your home sit atop a hill or in an area where prevailing winds howl? Does the old saying ?better safe than sorry? make you think?

The Replacement Garage Door Investment

More people replace garage doors in 2020 as a fashion statement than because they are worn or damaged. A custom-look door is an investment in your lifestyle and home?s value. Think about it, is the garage your true ?front door? these days? You want to sure it not only works on command but provides security. And does it all with style. Consider what a new custom garage door adds:

  • Unique appearance ? add a carriage house or ultra-modern all-glass door to your garage and people will take notice. Step away from the ordinary and make a personal statement.
  • Resale value ? in real estate curb appeal and first impressions are golden. Installing a modern, distinctive door to your garage increases the value of the house. A two-car garage can easily represent a third of your home?s presence facing the street. That?s a large part of the overall picture.
  • Energy efficiency ? add insulation to the new door and reduce heating and cooling costs by protection interior walls.
  • Security ? well-designed doors keep unwanted visitors out. Adding the latest reinforcing technology protects against the worst Mother Nature can throw at the doors, too.
  • The latest technology ? teaming modern door design with high-tech accessories brings the system into the 21st century with a splash. Systems that feature WiFi access to openers, open/close reminders on smart phones and battery-backup are common.

Custom Garage Door Installation, Too

When you invest in the perfect door to accent you home choose wisely and avoid shortcuts. That includes installation. No matter the style you select, a garage door is a very large, very heavy structure. Installing it properly is not a Do-It-Yourself project. Fitting a new door to your space, installing and adjusting all the accessories ? from garage door opener and its safety devices to wireless key pads and smart phone options ? takes skill. It helps to have hours or training on top of hands-on experience and the right tools, too.

When it comes to choosing the perfect new garage door remember: Country Door Systems repairs and installs the best of the best. When you?re ready to update your home?s ?front door,? call or email Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537. We?ll review the many options, outline the pros and cons of various materials and accessories and find the door that?s perfect for you. We?ll install the custom garage door that sets your Janesville WI home apart from all the neighbors.

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