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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair – Be Prepared

In the real world, moving parts need service and, over time, things can break or be damaged. That’s true for garage doors, so being prepared for a garage door repair makes sense. Country Door Systems represents the highest quality garage door manufacturers and stands behind every garage door installation it completes in Janesville WI and the surrounding area. It also stands ready to step in for whatever garage door repair is required.

Four Common Reasons Your Garage Door May Need Service

An Overview of Garage Door Scams

Avoid Garage Door Repair Through Maintenance In Janesville WI

While moving parts can break from wear and use, accidents also play a role. You can avoid many routine repairs through a practical maintenance program. The National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers recommends:

  • Regular Inspections — Once a month do a visual inspection of garage door springs, cables, rollers, and hardware – including all the connections for the garage door opener. Check for signs of wear, corrosion, or debris. Make sure the security systems are aligned and working. 
  • Balance the Door — Regularly test the balance of the door. A well-balanced door puts less stress on components so everything lasts longer. 
  • Disconnect the opener and open/close the door by hand. It should move easily with one hand. Open it about halfway and release it – it should remain in place. If it slowly rises or lowers, that’s acceptable. If it slams down or shoots upward it needs attention from a professional.
  • Lubricate Hardware — Regularly lubricate all the door hardware with specialized garage door oil NEVER USE WD40, it is not a lubricant. Never use grease, it hardens in cold weather. BEST CHOICE:  Plan, regular 40W motor oil. Hardware should be lubricated thoroughly 2-3 times a year.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE – Never try to repair or replace a garage door spring yourself. Springs are extremely dangerous and without the right tools and training, you can be seriously injured! 

Every garage door installation from Country Door Systems comes with a powerful electric garage door opener and a pledge to provide all the maintenance and service you need. For expert advice on garage doors, garage door installation, garage door openers and all related accessories, give us a call.

Call Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537 for professional garage door installation and expert advice when a garage door repair is required in Janesville WI.