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Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment in Janesville, WI

When it comes to everything from dock levelers, dock seals and dock shelters, Country Door Systems is the go-to resource for loading dock equipment in Janesville WI and the surrounding area.

When it’s time to replace loading dock equipment in any size facility, a performance review is a major planning step. Consider the following questions on dock doors:


  1. What are the heights of the trucks and trailers accessing the dock regularly?
    • 48 inches above the ground is standard, but some vehicles are as low as 20 inches and as high as 62 inches
  2. Required Door Size?
    • The inside width of newer-style trailers may be as much as 101 inches (8.5 feet) to allow 40- and 48-inch pallets to fit side-by-side
    • Inside height may be as much as 114 inches to allow for double stacking of loads for maximum capacity
  3. Overall Dock Height – 48 inches is standard – do you accommodate trucks and trailers of different sizes?

Key Moving Loading Dock Equipment

A major element of a productive loading dock is the leveling system. Review the following as you consider changes.

Pit-style Levelers — Pit-style dock levelers are available in both hydraulic and mechanical designs. They are installed after the loading dock area floor is installed and can be easily removed for replacement and maintenance.

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers — Available in both hydraulic and mechanical models. Units rise above concrete floor extending to the loading dock. Flat plate option is welded to embedded channel.

Edge of Dock Levelers — Available in both hydraulic and mechanical models. A low cost alternative to pit-style dock levelers. Suitable for loading docks requiring less capacity and less frequent use.

    Additional Questions

    Most dock leveling systems come in both hydraulic and mechanical versions. Consider which is best for your operation:

    • Both are available in a variety of sizes
    • Both are available in various capacity ranges
    • Hydraulic dock levelers represent higher initial costs – but provide lower operating costs and fewer maintenance requirements. Hydraulic control provides smooth, quiet operation at the touch of a button.

    What size do you need for your day-to-day use:

    • Capacity may be discussed in terms of Static, Rollover and Dynamic.
    • Static and Rollover refer to the amount of weight a dock leveler can safely support – either stacked on it or crossing it
    • Dynamic refers to the total force of a rolling load during extended use – Dynamic rating is considered the best measure of measuring capacity under true working conditions Have you considered “Dock Leveler Lip Length?”
    • Industry professionals recommend a lip of 4 to 6 inches remain in contact with the loading/unloading vehicle at all times

    What kind of bumper protection do you need?

    • Is the approach to your loading docks level or sloped. The degree of slope will help to determine the need for bumpers to protect the vehicles and building

    Dock Seals and Dock Shelters Are More Than Options

    To make a complete, up-to-date loading dock area requires safe and secure dock seals and dock shelters. Installing these versatile units to compliment every loading dock door requires the right tools, the right training and the right experience.

    A final element in a complete installation of loading dock equipment is the addition of vehicle restraints. This secure hardware locks onto the trailer RIG and prevents an unplanned movement. Remote access from inside the building is possible.

    Rely Upon Professionals for Loading Dock Equipment

    When it comes to loading dock equipment, Country Door Systems will install and service whatever you need. For details on the high-quality products we deliver, check out these websites:

    For advice based upon years of experience with installation, maintenance and repair, call Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537. When you need to replace dock levelers, dock seals, dock shelters or any related products, Country Door Systems is the place for all your loading dock equipment in Janesville WI.