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Carriage-style Garage Doors Blend Classic Looks – Latest Technology

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Carriage-style Garage Doors | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

A classic garage door look coupled with lighting accessories can completely change the curb appeal of even a modern design.

Modern carriage-style garage doors are designed to look like the heavy, bulky, hand-operated doors on real carriage houses. Using the latest in materials and engineering, these garage door options bring a classic, historic look to homes throughout Janesville WI and the surrounding area. Bi-fold, sliding and one-piece overhead doors have been replaced by custom designed doors of the latest materials using the best automatic openers. Drive through any neighborhood and note the number of steel garage doors that have the look of real wood. Steel panels with the textured look of wood are among the most popular garage door options for new construction and garage door replacement.

Modern carriage-style garage doors include authentic-looking touches like windows, heavy handles and forged hinges ? for show, not function. Taking on the character of original designs, the latest in materials makes garage doors designed to recreate the carriage house appeal strong and easy to maintain.

Carriage-style Garage Doors Equal ROI

According to industry records, the use of carriage-look doors has increased in residential construction more than three-fold in the last decade. In its latest Cost vs. Value Report, Remodeling magazine listed carriage-style garage doors among the top five value-adding home improvements. It suggested that adding a carriage look to the garage would lead to recouping 70% to 75% of its original cost when the property is sold. One in every five garage door installations is now a carriage-style door.

Garage Door Options | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Real wood or a wood-look? Both are available and it?s often nearly impossible to tell one from the other thanks to modern technology.

Are you planning an upgrade prior to resale or looking to enhance its curb appeal? When a change is in the offing, traditional-style garage doors should be on the top of the list.  Not only are replacement garage doors a wise investment, the costs of garage door options, including installation, are usually considerably lower than other cosmetic home improvement projects. And, they combine an attractive form with reliable function.

Popularity Reflected In Range of Choices

The expanding popularity of the carriage-style is reflected in the number of high-end manufacturers providing a wide array of choices in designs, materials and features. Which of the garage door options best fits your home?s architectural footprint? Consider the carriage-style garage doors from these manufacturers:

  • HAAS garage doors ? Wood grain patterns are in great demand and Haas Door has added two new uni-directional wood grain patterns: English Oak and American Walnut. English Oak is a neutral brown color that complements many home exteriors, including brick and stone.

The new colors accompany existing wood grain colors including Smooth Oak, Smooth Cherry, Embossed Ash and Embossed Mahogany. The wood grain patterns are baked on to 26-gauge, galvanized steel creating the appearance of real wood.

  • Raynor garage doors ? Steel residential garage doors feature woodgrain texture, they provide strength, durability and protection against noise, impact, and weather. The Rock Creek series features an environmentally stable trim board with a durable vinyl capstock. The trim board material couples classic looks and durability. Latest technology uses “reclaimed” wood fiber and vinyl from post-production processes to save natural resources.
  • Safe-way garage doors ? Safe-Way Doors combine style with energy savings via commercial grade hardware and superb craftsmanship. Carriage-style doors are available in insulated or non-insulated steel with raised or flush panels. A unique Door Designer tool helps select a garage door replacement to add beauty and value to any home. Selections include:

Aristocrat garage doors ? Carriage-style garage doors utilizing the power of steel for strength, durability and outstanding performance. Several steel styles available in four colors. The line also offers customized wooden doors from a variety of wood species.

Patrician ? Includes the noise reducing benefits of insulation surrounded by two steel skins. Steel doors with an authentic wood-like design available with multiple window and decorative hardware options in seven colors.

 Real Wooden Garage Door Options

The trend is to recreate carriage-style garage doors in the most modern materials to make use of the latest automatic opener technology and manufacturing advances. To create garage doors closer to the ?real thing,? doors are still available in real wood. Wooden doors are on the high end of the price scale, but if you want a real wooden door, consider:

  • Great Northern garage doors ? Its Craftsman Series is available in three standard woods ? Clear Western Red Cedar, Knotty Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. Panels can be stained or painted. Doors are available both as insulated and non-insulated versions with more more 75 unique designs. Created in from 6 to 18-foot widths and 6 to 12-foot heights.
  • Designer Doors ? From a Northern Wisconsin custom door company, these garage doors are designed to harmonize with many classic styles. Completely custom, made to order, design possibilities are expansive for unique garage doors, matching entry doors and accessories.
  •  Safe-way Wooden Doors ? Safe-Way also produces wooden doors combining style with energy savings and superb craftsmanship.

 Find The Right Carriage-style Garage Doors

A reliable garage door is vital, and when you need a replacement or repair, give Country Door Systems a call. A team of professionals is ready to provide expert advice on garage door maintenance, replacement garage doors, garage door openers and all related accessories.

Call Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537 for the most complete selection of garage door options and the latest in carriage-style garage doors in Janesville WI and surrounding areas.