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Central Vacuum Systems For Cleaner Floors And Air

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog, Central Vacs

Central Vacuum | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Each central vacuum inlet allows you to clean a large space without having a heavy portable machine around ? no banging into walls or tripping on power cords.

A central vacuum system in your Janesville WI home is an investment in your family?s health. Installation of a whole house vacuum system improves more than simple cleaning. Powerful vacuum systems not only pick up more dirt and debris, they put little or no dust back into the air. Cleaner air means a better environment for the whole family. In addition, high-quality systems are easily installed in existing homes without extensive remodeling.

Even the highest-priced and highest-rated conventional vacuums recycle air back into your rooms. No filter captures all the irritants the recycled air might hold. Whole house systems exhaust dirt, dust, pet dander and pollen outside the living space. For extra protection many come equipped with highly-rated Hepa filtration systems. As particles are collected, filtered and expelled from the room air quality increases every time you vacuum. With quick access to the system without dragging out a heavy manual machine, homeowners clean more thoroughly and more often.

A built-in on-demand central vacuum system has proven to reduce allergies ? a study of hay fever sufferers by the University of California- Davis School of Medicine found that symptoms improved by as much as 60% when patients used a centralized whole house vacuum system.

Look At What A Whole House System Includes

A centralized, whole house vacuum is a closed duct system. It has everything required for powerful, efficient performance built in. A typical system includes:

  • The base power unit sized to fit your home
  • A collection container ? which may or may not include disposable or reusable bags
  • Power inlet connectors placed strategically in the house and garage
  • A heavy-duty tube system for transporting dirt, dust and debris to the collection canister
  • Universal hoses for to fit every inlet ? varying in length up to 30 feet long
  • Hoses of varying lengths and a hose management system
  • A powerhead for deep-cleaning carpet
  • Complete accessory packages

Choose the Central Vac That Fits

Central Vacuum | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

There are attachments and accessories to take on cleaning every surface in your home.

The size and floor plan of your home dictates the appropriate vacuum system. Above all, the right power source is critical. Filtration and collections system designs vary. The size of your family?s demands ? pets, small children, etc. ? and your lifestyle play a role in the selection process. Consider the following system designs:

  • Bagged vs. Bagless systems ? a bagless system includes permanently installed filters and collection bins that must be emptied. This system protects the motor from dust but emptying it release dust and allergens. A bagged system has disposable filters and collection bags that must be changed ? like a traditional portable vacuum but on a larger scale. Changing bags isn?t difficult. Timing depends upon your cleaning schedule.
  • Hybrid systems ? combining the best of both worlds, a hybrid system has permanent filters in addition to disposable bags. It is adaptable to many situations.
  • Cyclonic filtration ? a system featuring two separate filtering systems for large and small particles. A spinning motion separates larger particles which drop into a collection bin. A second filter collects smaller particles. The main drawback is cleaning or replacing filter elements and emptying the collection bins.
  • Full-cyclonic system ? similar to filtered versions except using permanent metal mesh screens rather than filters for small pieces. An efficient system, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the screens clear.

No matter which system you choose, a central vac delivers up to five times more power than even the best manual machine. As fixed systems they use much larger, more efficient motors. The extra power allows them to capture more dirt. With performance like the efficient Cyclonic Filtration Technology? from H-P Products, the system?s motor provides uniform power ? there is never a loss of suction as dirt builds up in the canister.

Improve Your Life With A Central Vacuum Installation

Two words sum up the top reasons for installing a centralized vacuum system: convenience and performance. Making life simpler is always good. The benefits of installing a whole house vacuum system ? in a house under construction, during remodeling event or as a retro fit to your existing home ? include:

  • A healthier environment ? removing dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens from the air improves the quality of the air you breathe. The central system doesn?t recycle air so nothing returns to the room.
  • Multi-surface performance ? portable vacuum cleaners have tools for carpet and for hard floors. They don?t handle spills in the kitchen, dog and cat hair or dirt tracked onto the carpet with equal success.
  • Built-in protection ? the more you clean floors, drapes and furnishings, the longer they last. A ready-to-use on-demand system makes cleaning easier so it gets more use.
  • Plenty of power ? there?s always enough power to do the job. Central units don?t lose power as the collection point fills. Even the smallest installation is probably rated at least 5-times more powerful than the best portable cleaner.
  • Easy to maneuver ? it takes less strength to maneuver the hose and tools of a central system than a portable vacuum. Patients with back or shoulder injuries and heart conditions are warned to avoid using standard vacuums. Pulling and pushing the weight of these machines is a workout. A whole house system removes the pulling/pushing of a heavy machine and there?s nothing to drag up and down stairs or power cords to trip on.
  • ?Room-friendly? performance ? there?s nothing worse than the roar of a vacuum right in the middle of a big moment on TV or a timely phone call. With a central system there?s very little noise when the vacuum is in use.

Central Vacuum Installation Increases Property Value

The popularity of centralized vacuum systems has taken off. And, because it can be installed in an existing home a system is no longer just a feature of high-end new homes. The system stands out and differentiates any home. It has joined the ranks of ?smart? and ?green? technology. Because it is so easy to use, homeowners clean more often and more thoroughly. That extends the life of floors, drapes and furnishings.

Manufacturers point out it is true, the cost of a whole house system is more than a single portable vacuum. However, in the long-term the costs are significantly lower. You can spend $500 or more on a high-efficiency conventional vacuum. But, it isn?t designed to last as long as a central system. At the same time you put up with the inconvenience, pushing/pulling weight around, noise and less-than-clean air. Manufacturers also point out that a whole home system increases the resale value of your home by at least $1,500 ? and excellent selling point and demo opportunity.

When you love your home and neighborhood, retrofitting a system to fit it is an excellent choice. Today?s technology and trained installation professionals don?t have to tear down walls. Each inlet valve and related duct work allows a typical installation to clean 600 to 700 square feet ? from floor to ceiling! The power source is usually either in the garage or basement. Figure the price of a system based upon the number of inlet connections.

Thanks to the latest technology there?s no reason to go without all the benefits an internal vacuum system has to offer. To review all the options, call or email Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537. Our trained professionals will show you how a central vacuum system is a wise investment anywhere in Janesville WI.