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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Expand Indoor-Outdoor Living With Garage Screens

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Garage Screens | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

A screen for your garage door expands the usefulness of the space and the possibilities it represents. It?s a positive, unique feature when it comes to resale, too.

Retractable garage screens transform a garage from a place to park into custom indoor/outdoor living space. More and more, people are expanding their living area into the garage. In Janesville WI and throughout the country, the garage door is the No. 1 point of entry. And it is more than a storage unit.

In the unique spring of 2020 people forced to stay at home are looking for space as a workshop or a workout area. Expanding into the garage makes the most of fresh air and moves noise and equipment out of the house. As the weather improves, a screened garage door expands the space into a version of a screened in porch.

Today?s modern screens are retractable, just like your garage door.

Modern Garage Screens Fit Doors and Lifestyles

A full-sized screen door for your garage provides significant benefits, including:

  • Insect control ? mosquitos rank as one of the state?s biggest pests. Along with flies, gnats, wasps and hornets it is a significant problem in and around a home. They are attracted to dark, cool spots ? like a garage. Keeping them out with a large, solid barrier is a plus.
  • Added Security ? on hot days leaving the garage door open to vent as much warm air as possible makes sense. Unfortunately, leaving the door open when you?re not right there is an invitation to thieves. A garage door screen makes it hard for anyone who doesn?t belong there see what?s inside, much less enter without making noise and attracting attention.
  • Improve AC performance ? normally, heat from inside the garage transfers to the inside through adjoining walls, doors, etc. Keeping the garage cooler and improving air flow reduces the process.
  • Keep it clean ? when your garage door is open dirt, leaves and wind-blown debris get in. A screen door keeps out these and unwanted pests, too.
  • Better use of space ? a wide open garage isn?t an inviting place to relax. Not like a screened enclosure. Installing a screen door allows for air flow, ventilation and natural light. The garage becomes a more comfortable ?hangout? for the family.

Rugged Motorized Door Screens

Garage Screens | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Motorized door screens for residential garage doors are available for all sizes, double and single from 30 feet wide to 24 feet tall.

Modern screened garage doors are rugged, solidly-built and durable. The motorized MagnaTrack system from Progressive Screens raises and lowers via remotes and smart phone technology. It operates in the tracks of a standard-sized garage door. Unique technology provides magnets allowing the door to float in the original tracks and travel without hang-ups. In addition the magnets tightly hold the screen when the door is closed. The extruded door frames resists rust and eliminate sagging screens. The doors come in sizes to fit up to 30 feet wide by 24 feet tall.

The retractable system offers three different fully-programmable motors activated by remote control and options activated via smart phone with WiFi connections.

Like regular garage doors, the screen doors have obstacle protection sensors responding if the door hits something or if high winds are detected.

Screens For Every Garage Door

The latest editions of the Magnatrack system include a ?Defender? storm version. The latest screen systems not only keep bugs at bay, they fend off high winds, add security and block UV rays. Some are hurricane-rated to reduce the impact of flying debris

Future developments are targeting sound dampening enhancements. The unique and versatile doors are designed to protect your life and benefit your lifestyle.

The latest technology brings all the benefits of a screened door within your reach. Review your choices, call or email Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537. Trained professionals are ready to install the latest garage screens anywhere in Janesville WI.

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