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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Garage Door Style Enhances Property Value

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Garage Door Style | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

With styles to complement the home?s design, these garage door colors welcome visitors.

Choosing an appropriate garage door style is a great way to make an enduring first impression. Throughout Janesville WI the garage door is an increasingly important feature. It?s the top point of entry these days and a major contributor to curb appeal. Never forget how important curb appeal is to a home?s value. A lot has changed in the last decade when it comes to garage door design. Sizes, shapes, colors, textures and materials all evolved to contribute to unique styles.

A lot of choices make it easier to choose the best door for both form and function.

Styles To Choose From

Garage door choices begin with the basic materials. In addition there are several price points and design options. There are three most common material choices: steel, wood and aluminum.

Consider the advantages of each material:

  • Steel Panel Doors ? steel garage doors are strong and durable. They are available in many factor-applied colors and finishes. Steel doors complement almost any exterior design. They are available with insulation panels to increase energy efficiency. Steel is popularly textured for a wood grain look. Metal doors are lighter than wooden options. However, steel dents and scratches and can rust.
  • Traditional Wooden Doors ? wood is the most traditional, classic garage door choice. They are regularly customized for nearly every style, shape and size. Wood is an excellent insulator. An advantage is its ability to accept paints and stains. However, an equal disadvantage is maintenance ? staining, painting, etc.
  • Light Aluminum Doors ? aluminum doors are lighter than other options and require very little maintenance. These doors require less effort to raise/lower and don?t rust. Not as sturdy as steel, aluminum comes in many looks, textures, colors and sizes.

Color Makes A Distinctive Garage Door

Stylish Garage Doors | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Make a statement with a garage door that fits your home and lifestyle.

For decades a garage door was either painted to match siding or just left plain white. Modern doors reflect the use of color throughout architecture. Manufacturers offer a large selection of factory-applied colors as well as dozens of custom options. Garage doors are customarily colored to match the home?s window and door trim. In addition, contemporary designs include bold colors like red, green, brown or black. Or a traditional wood stain ? even on metal doors.

Included on the list of most requested colors are:

  • Charcoal
  • Dark Sand
  • Evergreen
  • Heron Blue
  • Ice White
  • Desert Sand
  • Moka Brown

Personal Garage Door Style

When you want to enhance your curb appeal and make an eye-catching statement, the garage door is an excellent choice. While every brand has its variations you can impact your home?s overall look via three common style options:

  • Colonial, Classic, Carriage House Doors ? these are among the most popular styles in demand for 2019. Raised panels recreate designs to look like old-time stable and coach house doors. Many have windows designed to match the house. Hinges and handles to mimic historic designs are common. Available in all the common materials. Obviously, wooden doors are a favorite in this category.
  • Contemporary Styles ? modern designs in any material provide creative freedom. Their simple appearance allows for clean, uncluttered lines. Not usually created to stand out, popular options include textured surfaces, windows and wood grain imprints. These doors make their statements with bold colors.
  • Period, Retro-look Doors ? Throughout southern Wisconsin and Janesville the dozens of 1950s era homes lend themselves to reintroduction of designs from that period. Ranch-style doors with simple, basic horizontal lines fit the picture.

Call Local Garage Door Experts

With dozens of customizable options for new and replacement garage doors it is easy to be confused. Knowing selections that combine form with function takes experience. There are few limitations.

Country Door Systems creates doors to match homes and lifestyles. For a new installation or a replacement garage door call or email  us at 608-752-9537. We represent the top residential garage door makers and our professionals are well versed on all the latest materials and designs. We?ll connect you with the garage door style that?s just right for your Janesville WI home.