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Keyless Entry System Adds Versatility to Garage Doors

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Keyless Entry | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Blending into the framework, keypads have moved from the garage door accessories category to standard equipment for many installations.

The garage door has become the most often used entrance to the modern home and the addition of a keyless entry pad increases security and convenience. Children and other family members who come and go without a vehicle ?and conventional garage door opener ? benefit tremendously from these versatile garage door accessories. Rather than provide duplicate openers or keys that are easily lost or stolen, a keypad opens the door on command. Modern installations are unobtrusive and fit any Janesville WI garage. Access is limited to only those with the appropriate PIN ? personal identification number. Newer models make it possible for individual family members to have a PIN of their own.

While most installations in new garages include a keyless entry system when the original door opener is put in place, key pads can be installed as garage door accessories. If your opener didn?t come with a keypad you have the option of adding one ? or if your garage door opener is too old, installing an up-dated door opener that includes one. I good way to learn if your opener is too old for a keypad is to check for electronic photo eyes that regulate the door movements. If you don?t have photo eyes check with a professional before buying a keyless entry system ? new systems may not be compatible.

TIP FROM A PRO ? If your garage door opener system doesn?t include electronic sensors to stop the door if something is in its path, you should get a new opener anyway. Modern door openers have, by law, included these safety systems for years.

Keyless Entry Improves Security

Making it possible to enter your home without a key is more than convenient. It represents security. With the family coming and going through the garage more than any other door in the house, keeping it secure is critical. Among the reasons to have keyless entry for your garage are:

  • Eliminate the need for extra keys that can be lost or stolen ? this is the most common reason for families with school-age children to add a keypad.
  • Never get locked out again ? more than 60% of people who have been locked out of their house now use a garage keypad.
  • Remote units normally used in vehicles are bulky, costly and easily misplaced ? miscreants can snatch them and their batteries die at the most inopportune moment.
  • The keyless entry pad on your garage can be linked to alarm systems and ?open? alerts within a security system ? even send them to your smart phone.
  • Access to the house is possible without sharing keys or being there ? when on vacation you can make provisions for the cat, feed the fish or water the plants without giving out a key. The keypad?s PIN can be active just for when you?re gone and then recoded when you return.

Not Perfect Garage Door Accessories

Adding a keypad isn?t the ultimate answer to all your concerns. There are no garage door accessories that are perfect for every situation. A remote number pad that triggers your garage door opener isn?t without its drawbacks, including:

  • Just like remote units in vehicles, a keyless entry pad works on batteries that need to be replaced on a regular basis ? and they need to be kept free of debris, insects, etc.
  • You have to remember the PIN ? using the same code for several applications isn?t a good idea (just what we all need, another password to keep in mind).
  • Either each family member has to have their own PIN and be able to remember it, or you have to create one everybody can remember ? don?t write it down near the keypad!
  • You have to make sure every member of the family knows this is a security device and the number isn?t to be shared with friends or neighbors unless there?s a special reason. The keyless entry pad may look like a security system but it isn?t ? sharing the code provides the easiest way into your home.

A remote outdoor keypad is no different from the other ways to make your garage door opener work. You press the right buttons and the door goes up or down. It?s convenient but only as safe as the garage door and the opener itself.

Depend Upon Reliable Products, Professional Installation

Most homeowners agree the convenience and versatility of keyless entry systems makes them worthy additions. Time-tested, reliable garage doors are vital in today?s home. Country Door Systems provides expert installation, repair and maintenance for the best doors, door openers and garage door accessories in Southern Wisconsin. Call Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537 for garage door accessories including the best keyless entry system for your Janesville WI home.