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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Modern Glass Garage Doors Standout From The Crowd

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Glass Garage Doors | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Contemporary architecture gets and added modern look from glass panel garage doors.

Contemporary, ultra-modern or futuristic ? by any name glass garage doors set your Janesville WI home apart from the crowd. Among the most requested garage door styles in southern Wisconsin, the clean lines of all glass doors are distinctive. Nothing draws the eye more than elegant, up-scale design.

Glass panel garage doors are not all alike. There are three basic types to consider:

  • Glass panels held in place by wooden framework
  • Glass panels adhering to a hidden aluminum framework ? a more futuristic look
  • Aluminum frames encasing glass panels

Adding to the curb appeal of an all glass door is the dozens of color options available ? colored frames as well as tinted and frosted glass.

Good looks and the ability to create great first impressions are not all the glass door styles have to offer. While they aren?t associated with every architectural style, they fit more than you expect. Like all the garage door options, they have positives and less attractive features.

Benefits Associated With Glass Garage Doors

Today?s garage is more than a place to park cars and store garden tools. It is a valuable room ? regularly doing double-duty as a workshop or workout space. While the ?wow? factor is the obvious appeal to these doors, there are more benefits, including:

  • Abundant light ? an all-glass garage door?s most recognizable feature is its ability to provide abundant natural light. Even tinted windows provide enough light to safely navigate the space ? reducing the need for electric fixtures.
  • Increased security and privacy ? does the thought of a wall of windows increasing privacy seem odd? A door with tinted or frosted glass provides natural light without allowing anyone to see in. It also allows you to see headlights or movement in your driveway from inside.
  • Weather-resistant ? glass doors resist extreme weather conditions like heat, rain and salt. They don?t rust or need painting. Tempered glass resists dings, dents and cracks, too.
  • Robust construction ? framing materials like aluminum are strong and light. They withstand heavy loads and stress. Glass doors are smooth and quiet.
  • Choice colors ? frames of all-glass doors are available painted, powder coated, anodized (a protective coating) and with wood-grain finishes. There?s a color combination to match your home and personality.

The Secret Ingredient ? The Right Glass

Glass Garage Doors | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Etched or tinted glass blends ultra-modern door designs with more traditional home styles.

For many, the first thought is: ?I can just see one of the kids cracking a panel on the first day!? Modern window glass is not what it once was ? it?s dramatically better. The days of broken window panes are gone. Today?s window panels are usually tempered glass. There?s even ?bullet-proof? glass. Don?t worry there?s glass to fit your needs.

Standard glass in garage doors is similar a home?s windows. Available as either single- or double-panes. Tempered glass is a wise investment. Common tempered glass is laminated. It has two glass panels with a vinyl layer sandwiched in between. The glass is strong, scratch-resistant and shatter-proof. The inner layer blocks our UV rays and reduces outside noise. If it breaks it shatters into thousands of tiny pieces like auto glass.

Some of the features making glass doors for your garage appealing are also viewed as disadvantages. It comes down to your personal likes and dislikes in many cases.

Glass Panel Doors Aren?t For Everyone

Whether you?re basing your buying decision on personal choice, design or performance, consider these perceived drawbacks of all-glass panel garage doors:

  • They don?t ?fit? the architecture ? an ultra-modern choice can be considered too contemporary for a home?s style. It might excite you but not fit with the overall design. You will make a statement with an all-glass door, be sure it?s a positive one.
  • Not realistic ? in some lifestyles the glass doors are not practical. They are not energy-efficient, for example.
  • Little, no insulation value ? glass is a poor insulator. Glass panel garage doors cannot compare to wooden, steel or aluminum doors ? especially the newer insulated versions. Double-pane, high-energy glass is the best options, but it doesn?t compare.
  • Glass is heavy ? an all-glass door weighs more than an equal size door made from almost anything else. Switching to a glass door means strengthening supports and installing a more powerful garage door opener. Glass doors also use heavy-duty torsion springs.

Some disadvantages are related directly to the cost of the doors and installation. High-quality glass is expensive. Tinting costs extra. In addition, there are many options like etching that boost the price higher.

Glass Garage Doors ? Installation Is Not Easy

Installing a new garage door instantly changes the curb appeal and value of your home. The installation of any new garage door requires skill, training and the right tools. With its increased weight and demand for heavy-duty support glass doors require an added level of expertise. Doors and openers must be balanced and calibrated.

Country Door Systems fields factory-trained technicians well-versed in these precision-engineered systems. For garage door installation and garage door opener installations, repairs or replacements call or email  us at 608-752-9537. We?ll show you how modern glass garage doors provide a dramatic change to homes in Janesville WI.

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