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All Your Garage Door Needs


Overhead Garage Doors for Reliable Performance

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Garage Door Installation | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Real wooden garage doors present a striking appearance. Even though they may be heavier than other options, wooden doors are designed for smooth overhead operation.

Modern overhead garage doors have replaced the days of getting out of a vehicle to swing open a bulky door with reliable performance at a push of a button. A new door garage door installation combines the latest in building materials, door styling and high-tech electronic accessories like keyless entry and Smart Phone access.

The garage door has become the primary point of entry for most homes today and with this added use comes added attention to design and curb appeal. The basic door is being replaced by custom designs ? many looking to date the appearance to another century. One of the hottest trends in garage doors is the result of the claim ? ?everybody wants wood ? or an overhead garage door that looks like wood.? Designers and buyers want the look of wood without the price tag and there are overhead garage doors to meet the demand in Janesville WI and throughout Southern Wisconsin.

Overhead Garage Doors for Convenience

As the largest moving part in any home, the garage door installation requires attention to detail to ensure each door is easy to handle, save and efficient. It, after the roof, is also the largest single piece of architecture so it gets plenty of attention from designers, too. A garage door installation done right boosts not only curb appeal but value.

Overhead garage doors are represent stylish designs at modest costs and provide solid returns on your investment. A quality door with a reliable electric opening system is a valuable asset. The National Association of Realtors reports that a quality garage door installation should provide nearly a 90% return on your initial costs when you sell the house. Very few remodeling or replacement elements can match that.

Back in the day when garage doors slid sideways or swung outward everyone was looking for a better, more energy-efficient (meaning less work for the owner) system. Nobody wants to get out in the rain or snow to open the garage door. The charm of those bygone eras was in the style not the function. Even when overhead garage doors were invented, they were one-piece, bulky and extremely heavy ? and required human energy to lift and lower.

Get the Best of Style and Function

Overhead Garage Doors | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Don?t be fooled by the hardware, this is a one-piece steel garage door with all the efficiency options. It just looks like a classic carriage house entrance.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, the development of new materials and continued demand for convenient garage access, overhead garage doors have evolved into the 21st century. Design options are extensive with a variety of materials, styles, colors, textures, sizes and accessories to choose from. There are windows and colors for an ultra-modern look plus decorative hardware for the classic 19th century appeal.

Because the garage door has become such a vital way to get into and out of your home, more attention is being paid to maintaining day-to-day performance. Once your determine the style and ?look? your new garage door should represent, the most important choice is the material used to create it. While there are a variety of options, three are the most common ? wood, steel and aluminum. Each has its benefits. Each is available with all the benefits of overhead garage doors ? roll-up design, light enough to accommodate electric-powered garage door openers and other accessories. Consider the options:

Wooden Doors ? Overhead garage doors made from real wood or wood panels provide the authenticity you?re striving for in many traditional, classic designs. They are strong and stand up well to the rigors of the seasons in Janesville WI and Southern Wisconsin. Wooden garage doors require frequent maintenance to keep them looking fresh ? new painting or new staining plus cleaning, especially in areas where they get repeated splashing from rain or snow melt from the driveway. Wood doors are available in sold wood or lighter weight versions with plywood skins over a foam-filled core. Wooden doors over many really custom architectural options, but these doors are almost always at the top end of the price scale.

Steel Garage Doors ? Galvanized steel is considered to be the best option for 90% of the choices for a residential garage door installation. If you want a low-maintenance door, one made from metal is the best choice. Most galvanized steel doors have lifetime warranties on rust-through and with today?s materials, finishes and installations rust is seldom an issue. Steel doors are available with insulation and without ? insulation is bonded to the panels and foamed in place. Uninsulated doors are thinner and dent more easily ? the occasional basketball or soccer ball shouldn?t be a problem but baseballs and hockey pucks will leave a mark. Steel doors represent a solid value available in a wide variety of exterior designs, colors, window and hardware options.

Aluminum Garage Doors ? Aluminum doors were once the low-cost option but with today?s materials a modern aluminum garage door can be most expensive than a steel garage door installation. Modern aluminum doors come with sturdy, heavy-duty extruded frames and dent-resistant laminated panels ? considered to be more dent resistant than steel doors. Aluminum doors are totally rust-proof. The biggest disadvantage with aluminum doors is that styles and finishes are usually more limited than with steel doors.

Find the Right Garage Doors

Reliable overhead garage doors are vital, and when you need a replacement or repair, give Country Door Systems a call. A team of professionals is ready to provide expert advice on garage door installation and maintenance plus garage door openers and all related accessories.

Call Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537 for the most complete selection of garage door installation options and a wide selection of overhead garage doors in Janesville WI and surrounding areas.