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Security Grilles Protect Business Resources

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

Security Grilles | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

More and more public buildings are restricting access to certain areas or looking for ways to close off spaces without blocking lines of sight. An overhead grille installation is an excellent choice.

Rolling security grilles prevent unwanted access to your business spaces without limiting airflow or visibility. Professional screen-like grilles clearly mark any area within a Janesville WI establishment as ?off limits.?

Business owners often overlook the importance of these simple features when it comes to preventing business losses. A recent FBI report indicated business losses of more than $15 Billion annually from thefts and even arson. Simple theft can make business growth impossible when losses mount up. Does your company need additional security? Businesses often under estimate their vulnerability. Consider threats to more than objects, including:

  • Information and date security ? including servers, etc.
  • Personnel security
  • Property security ? including tools and equipment
  • Dangerous materials to keep safely out of unauthorized hands

Securing a business in the 21st century includes CC-TV, alarms, security lighting , motion sensors and appropriate deterrents like grilles. The main purpose of a rolling grille is to deny access to unauthorized intruders.

Advances in design and engineering create modern customized grilles that are maintenance-free and more secure than ever. There are designs that roll overhead out of the way and creations that roll side to side. There?s a design for almost every application. Rolling grille screens seal off parts departments, service window, retail space and restricted areas. They are increasingly popular in schools and public buildings to restrict access to hallways, rooms and food service areas.

Security Grilles ? Custom Fits

Security Grilles | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Businesses with spaces restricted to authorized employees or closed to everyone at some time need ways to monitor the space. A rolling grille restricts entry while allowing for quick, accurate visual inspection at all time.

While there are dozens of standard screen sizes and shapes, grilles are available in custom sizes. The latest manufacturing techniques provide color choices, screen design options and installation variations. Powder-coated custom paint colors are durable. Installation overhead or on the side is available ? your choice.

When considering adding a grille to your business, or replacing an aging one ask yourself:

  • Was the security grille system installed when the building was built, by a previous owner?
  • Is the current system failing, working erratically or hard to open?
  • Has the grille survived a break in attempt or is it damaged in some way?

If you answer ?yes? to any of these a replacement grille is a wise option. Even with factory-trained maintenance service there comes a time for a new security grille. If the existing protection is worn out, damaged or you want to improve security check out the latest advances. A new installation improves security and aesthetics at the same time.

Points To Review

Standard grilles consist of 5/16-inch solid aluminum or galvanized steel rods combined with various-sized and shaped chain links. Each spaced at customized intervals. Openings between the aluminum spacers are of different sizes depending upon the security needs of the space. In most cases, grilles are installed coiled above countertops or doorways.

There are many grille options for doorway security ? materials, designs and applications. The most common, rolling grille installations include:

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum hoods protecting the unit when it is rolled up.
  • Galvanized steel links and rods ? with aluminum a popular options where weight is a factor or the unit will be exposed to the elements.
  • Curtain patterns of varying shapes, designs and materials.
  • Powder-coated finishes for durability in all conditions.
  • Control units ranging from basic pull cords to push button electric wall mounts and radio controlled systems.
  • Standard width of 30-feet 4-inches ? with custom sizes available.

Call Upon A Pro For The Latest Features

As business-oriented structural security priorities advance related systems do as well. New technology goes into creating more advanced systems all the time ? combining the latest materials, controls and design elements.

Nowhere in southern Wisconsin can you find a company with more experience in providing service, repairs and installation of commercial doors and grilles than Country Door Systems. It represents the top manufacturers for all types of commercial garage doors, loading dock equipment, rollup grilles and screens. For commercial garage door installation, door opener installations, repairs and accessories call or email us at 608-752-9537. We?re prepared to upgrade your security grilles anywhere in Janesville WI.

Security Grilles