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All Your Garage Door Needs


Upgrade Your Home With A Smart Garage Door Opener

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

A “Smart” garage door opener brings 21st century technology to what has become the No. 1 point of entry for many Janesville WI homes. Is your garage door the “front door” most of the time? When it is, making as safe and secure as possible is a wise move and excellent investment. With the latest technology you’re able to monitor when your garage door goes up/down and who has access to your house. “Smart” technology not only protects your property, it provides peace of mind. Even when you’re not home. Are you asking: “Do I have to replace the existing system to take advantage of these advances?” The answer is “No!” Popular brands like Chamberlain and Genie provide kits bringing existing models into the high-tech age.

Conveniently mounted near the opener, the MyQ hub works with a variety of older systems.

Before you decide if you want to adopt Smart technology, consider a system’s various functions. A Smart garage door opener does many things besides opening the door, including:

  • Monitor operation – it lets you know from anywhere if your garage door is up or down.
  • Provide real-time alerts – instantly know if someone is operating your garage door opener and if they are authorized. You’ll know if someone opens (or tries to open) the door manually.
  • Remote control – open the door for guests, repair technicians or deliveries. No need to provide pass codes or extra remote openers. It’s easy to forget to close the door at night isn’t it? You can set your door to automatically open/close at a specified time. Would setting it to automatically close at 10 p.m. be helpful?
  • Virtual key – when guests are coming and going create a virtual entry key for their Smart phone. You can set it to expire on a specific day and time.
  • Records – data showing when (dates and times) your garage door opens/closes.

Choosing Smart Garage Door Tech

Top brands like Chamberlain and Genie provide retro fit kits to fit from one- to three-door systems.

ChamberLain MyQ — One of the major garage door opener manufacturers, Chamberlain’s MyQ system lets you feel confident you know what’s going on in and around your garage. In addition to all the high-tech features discussed below, it adds the ability for Amazon Prime members in select areas to create special codes for personalized deliveries via a Key By Amazon in-garage delivery app.

No more “where’s the garage door opener?” With smart technology it’s on your phone.

Many southern Wisconsin homeowners are familiar with popular Genie garage door openers. For its professionally installed high-end systems the company has partnered with Samsung. The partnership takes advantage of the latest digital integration called “SmartThing®”.

Genie’s Aladdin Connect® — smart garage openers are “Work With SmartThing” certified, making them compatible with all Samsung SmartThing technology. This partnership adds the garage door openers to a huge network of brands connecting homes, garages and vehicles. Among the advantages to homeowners are:

  • Multiplatform voice control – you can tell your smart device to open/close the garage door. The system works with devices such as Alexa and Google.
  • Geofencing – when you set up geo-tag references on vehicles that the system recognizes, as you enter the driveway the garage door opens automatically.
  • Safety/Security – system can open the door if it detects smoke inside the garage or if CO levels reach a danger level.

Aladdin Direct uses a sensor attached to the garage door so it alerts you every time the door changes position, even when disconnected from the garage door opener. That provides added security and information even during power outages.

In addition, Aladdin Direct is compatible with a variety of older model garage door openers. And it works with both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Achieve Premium Performance From Your Smart Garage Door Opener

The more sophisticate the components in any technologically-advanced system the more important proper installation becomes. Does it make sense to invest in the latest software-driven system and skimp on installation? Never undervalue the skill, training and ability of a professional technician.

A garage door opening system may not look too complex. When you’re investing in a premium system you expect premium, reliable performance don’t you? That hinges on everything working smoothly, on demand. Your garage door the largest moving part in your home, getting it up and down on demand requires special techniques. On top of the latest communications technology there are the standard safety measures to consider. Each requires a level of skill to install and maintain. Add up all the elements and making everything work together is a significant challenge. The latest garage door hardware coupled with 21st century technology deserves top-notch service, doesn’t it?

You expect your garage door opener to work any time, day or night. And if it doesn’t you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is a phone call away, right?

Country Door Systems repairs, installs and stands behind a long list of garage doors, garage door openers and garage door accessories. Do you need to replace a garage door opener or want to upgrade to the latest smart technology? Take advantage of our wide service area and decades of experience. Call or email Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537 and let us introduce you to the latest smart garage door opener for your Janesville WI area home.

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