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Smart Home Tech For Your Garage Door Opener

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog, Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

Peace of mind comes with knowing you have control in the palm of your hand.

Creating a Smart Home is all the rage and everything in your house can be accessed from your phone, including your garage door opener. As more and more people in the Janesville WI are rely upon their garage doors as the No. 1 point of entry, it makes sense. Using an app to open your garage door makes it easier for family members to get in without pressing buttons or punching keys.

Complete remote control at your fingertips from much longer distances comes with systems integrating opener technology with phone apps. When unexpected guests arrive wouldn?t be nice to let them in without interrupting your routine? A smart phone app can also alert you to unexpected visitors, giving you options to let them in or not. Some applications keep records of who opens/closes the door and when.

Garage Door Opener Tech Advances

Garage opener started as basic machines to open and close heavy, bulky doors. They are still simple mechanisms. But, with integrated electronic devices they?re taking on a new importance. The garage itself is evolving. As cars get smaller garage space can be used for other than a parking spot. Garages are ideal for storage but even more for everything from laundry rooms to workout space and artist studios. The future use of your garage depends upon your lifestyle and imagination. Smart technology is available to help.

Traditional openers for garage doors are not going away. They remain versatile and reliable. On the other hand, tapping an image on your phone is convenient. Using a phone app also removes the nagging doubt of ?did I close the garage door?? You can program new openers to automatically close the door after a preset time, too.

Two of the most popular features incorporated into new garage door opening systems aim toward security as well as convenience:

  • Battery backup ?a nothing is worse than having to lift a heavy door when there?s a power outage. Especially if you?re trying to get in out of a storm. Many modern opener systems include a battery backup feature.
  • Rolling codes ? criminals apply high-tech methods to steal codes programmed into your opener and get into your home. New models have rapidly changing codes that foil these attempts to get through your security.
Garage Door Opener | Janesville WI | Country Door Systems

A smart system can be adapted to an existing installation ? no need to buy a new opener if yours is working well.

Upgrade Existing Garage Door Technology

You love the idea of smart technology applied to your garage door, but your existing system works just fine, right? No problem. You don?t have to buy a completely new system to take advantage of the latest advances. Your existing system can upgraded to get smart performance. All your need is a good smart phone and reliable access to the Internet.

There are different systems from various suppliers, some access controls via WI-FI and some use Bluetooth to connect. As technology advances, options expand. Looking at the two choices, consider:

  • Bluetooth works only when you are within range of the door?s reciever ? which may limit use to within 20 feet or so.
  • WI-FI allows access from any remote location ? as long as you can connect to the Internet.

When considering a new system go with a professionally-installed high-tech product from:

  • Chamberlain
  • Genie
  • Liftmaster

These are among the top performing systems on the market. Skilled, trained installation teams from Country Door Systems get you up and running quickly. They?re ready with a step-by-step process to make the most of the latest technology.

Evaluate Top Garage Openers

Country Door features the industry?s advanced systems. Factory-trained professionals stay up with all the latest bells and whistles. When you?re looking to add a new opener or upgrade what you have, consider these well-known, high-performance models:

  • Chamberlain MyQ opener system and app for smart phones. The system has one component mounted to the garage door plus a remote opener like conventional systems. An additional unit mounts inside the garage for access to in-home WI-FI. The control app is a free smart phone download ? with a ?learn? option making first-time installation easy.
  • Liftmaster technology also has an MyQ version. Several are equipped with battery backup systems as well as smart applications. An increasingly popular feature enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages. Note: Check you location for availability of this feature, it isn?t available from Amazon everywhere.
  • Genie Aladdin Connect is a multi-featured application. It goes beyond opening and closing the door. It also monitors such things as:
    • When access is attempted and by whom.
    • Noting when someone attempts to manually operate the door.
    • Providing temporary access codes of deliveries, relatives or friends.
    • Recorrding a history when the door opens and closes ? including dates and times.

Rely On Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

As smart phone applications and overall smart home technology advances systems inside and out advance, too. New technology goes into creating more and more time-saving, convenient features using the latest materials, controls and designs.

Nowhere in southern Wisconsin can you find a company with more experience in providing service, repairs and installation of high-tech garage door-related systems than Country Door Systems. It represents the top manufacturers. For the latest garage door opener technology, accessories and repairs call or email us at 608-752-9537. We?re on call to bring smart technology to your garage door opener anywhere in Janesville WI.

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