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All Your Garage Door Needs


Custom-built Timberlane Garage Door Create Lasting Impressions

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog

When you want visitors and passersby to notice your Janesville area home, a custom-built Timberlane garage door makes a lasting impression. Do guests walk past your garage door without a second glance? Or do they take a moment and think “I really like that garage door!”

The Carriage house garage door is the most popular choice in the 21st century.

As the garage door evolved to become the No. 1 entry point for most modern households, it has stepped out of the shadows to become a major design element. In addition, recent studies released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) put high-end garage doors on the list of top choices in terms of return on investment.

Doors from Timberlane set the bar high. There are no “off the rack” garage doors. There are no stock sizes or “standard” configurations. Each door is one-of-a-kind featuring state-of-the-art engineering using wood and high-tech maintenance-free materials. The garage door lineup from Timberlane perfectly complements its line of shutters so garage doors and home accents match perfectly.

All the American-made garage doors feature premium finishes and detailed, custom hardware. Designed and built by master craftsmen, skilled woodworkers and engineers Timberlane’s distinctive styles put the company and its garage doors in a class of their own.

Continue the customization process with garage door window options and hardware.

Bypassing the lure of marketing through “big box” stores and direct sales, Timberlane custom doors are only available from dedicated professionals like Country Door Systems.

A Timberlane Garage Door For Every Situation

There are three types of doors in the custom garage door lineup, each created around its basic construction materials. Additional options cater to design and styling. The three basic choices are:

  • The Vintage garage door series – Insulated wood base doors.
  • Fusion garage doors – Insulated steel base doors.
  • Luxcore garage doors – Either wood or steel with a premium wood or high-grade PVC overlay.

All Timberlane garage doors have an insulating R-Value of 18. Every door includes choices of windows, finishes and design. Does it makes sense to extend the idea of curb appeal to the largest single accent on the outside of your house? Hand-crafted, each Timberlane door not only complements your home’s exterior, itcaptures your unique personality.

Custom-crafted Garage Door Choices

The three series of custom-crafted garage doors from Timberlane offer dozens of options beyond basic building materials. Explore additional choices:

  • Vintage Garage Doors – Doors in the vintage line are available with Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Red Grandis, Spanish Cedar and Sapele Mahogany overlay. Each is hand-crafted of high-quality wood treated to resist moisture.
  • Fusion Garage Doors – Fusion doors are engineered with a 2-inch thick steel base and ¾-inch wood overlay. They include the charm and warmth of premium wood with the added durability and strength of insulated steel. The moisture-resistant wood overlays are available in Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Red Grandis, Spanish Cedar and Sapele Mahogany.
  • Luxcore Garage Doors – rugged, maintenance-free doors created with a cellular PVC overlay on top of a 2-inch thick insulated steel base. PVC overlays reflect the look of real wood, adding authentic styling.

No matter the engineering advantages you choose, there are accent and styling choices to make each door even more personal. A of thought went into the architectural style, accents and color of your house, so it makes sense to give as much, or more consideration to what is probably your No. 1 way inside, right?

Customize Your Garage Door Even More

Most homeowners decide how they want a new garage door to look before learning all about how it’s made. With that in mind, Timberlane makes available for all its customized garage doors the following designer touches:

  • Carriage Style Garage Doors – the Timberline Carriage Collection provides the look and appeal of an authentic swing-style carriage house door. Additional customization includes various panel designs, windows and hardware. Carriage-style doors are available as both single and double doors.
  • Farmhouse Style Garage Doors – complementing the popular farmhouse decorating trend, there’s the Timberlane Farmhouse Collection. It blends modern construction and materials with a popular rustic appeal. Additional customization comes from selecting different panel designs, windows and hardware. Available for both single and double doors.
  • Traditional Trifold Garage Doors – The Trifold Collection is inspired by old-style folding doors while incorporating all the advantages of modern overhead garage doors. A  selection of panel designs, windows and hardware provide additional customizing options. Available for both single and double doors.
  • Classic Garage Doors – simple yet elegant, doors in the Classic Collection fit nicely with many architectural styles. Additional customization comes from various panel designs, windows and hardware. Available for both single and double doors..

What’s Your Garage Door Style – Bold, Dramatic?

In the 21st century there’s no reason to settle for a basic white or tan garage door. When you think “custom creation” you think detailed finishing touches, right?  Beyond size, shape and styling there are colors and hardware to make each door special.

Custom-crafted garage doors from Timberlane fit wherever they’re needed.

When it comes to a custom finish, select from true wood stains including light oak, chestnut, cherry, myrtle, mahogany and ebony. Stains for vinyl overlays include myrtle and ebony.

Is it important to exactly match the existing trim on your house? You can do that – or shake things up with dramatic new accents. When you provide a color sample Timberlane will provide an exact match. Ready to see how it works for your home? Download and check out the Timberlane garage door professional color guide!

You have more options for making that unforgettable first impression. Consider using windows and decorative and functional hardware.

The wide selection of Timberlane’s decorative hardware sets its doors apart from the competition. Each of the varying garage door styles and designs comes with its own appropriate hardware collection. Once you start looking you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot more available than you think. To go through all the options from “every-day to exceptional,” download and use of the Garage Door Hardware Guide.

Certified Professionals Install A Timberlane Garage Door

For more than 25 years Timberlane has built a reputation for excellent custom products that exceed customer expectations. While garage doors may not look complicated, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Reliable performance comes with professional, skilled installation. There may not be a lot of moving parts but the ones in play are large, heavy and must work in unison. Keeping garage doors working when needed takes skill, training and the right tools. And, don’t overlook the importance of the right garage door opener to match each. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your custom Timberlane door will go up/down on command, right? And, of course, from knowing it was installed by a full-time technician, not a part-time handyman.

Country Door Systems employs factory-trained and experienced technicians for every garage door installation. They’re trained at balancing and adjusting garage doors and garage door openers. Timberlane is an elite garage door manufacturer making its one-of-a-kind custom doors available throughout southern Wisconsin. Country Door Systems is proud to be one of its select installation teams. In addition, Country Door Systsmes repairs, installs and stands behind a long list of garage doors and garage door accessories. When you need to replace a garage door or want to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, take advantage of our wide service area and decades of experience. Call or email Country Door Systems at 608-752-9537 and let us introduce you to the benefits of a custom-crafted Timberlane garage door for your Janesville WI area home.

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