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All Your Garage Door Needs


Windows In Garage Doors Add Style & Function

Mar 1, 2024 | Blog, Garage Door Windows

Including windows in garage doors is one of the fastest growing trends in the housing industry. Once thought to be liabilities ? easy to break, too easy to see inside ? new technology makes them popular choices in Janesville WI and throughout the area. The professionals at Country Door Systems report adding windows is among the most asked for options.

There?s no doubt curb appeal is important to homeowners. A good first impression instills pride and increases resale value. Garage door windows make a statement. Like all options, windows have advantages and disadvantages. Allowing natural light to enter the garage is the number one advantage. Illuminating a normally dark space without electricity is a plus. Complementing the home?s style is the second-most reported advantage. A garage door with a design feel thanks to new, unique windows gives a home a facelift.

The Advantages Windows In Garage Doors

Almost every major garage door maker offers several window options. When you?re ready to upgrade your garage door, consider the advantages of garage door windows:

  • ?Free? light ? improved visibility inside the garage thanks to natural light. Sunlight filtering through windows can also increase the temperature a little in a cold Wisconsin winter. Being able to enter a lit space is safer, too.
  • Make a statement ? there are dozens of window sizes, shapes and glass options from which to choose. When you match a modern door with your home?s architecture you make a design/style statement. The garage door becomes another designer touch not an afterthought.
  • Style options ? windows in the garage door can match the exterior doors and the windows throughout the house. Choices include vertical, horizontal, square, rectangle and many custom installations.
  • No more ?old style? glass ? modern high-energy glass filters out the sun?s UV rays to maintain the insulation value of the door. Glass is available in various tints from clear through frosted. The latest technology incorporates shatter-proof properties into garage door windows. Technology making them safer..

If You Choose A Garage Door With Windows

While including windows in new garage doors is among the hottest trends it is not for everyone. As you review the dozens of door options from high-tech contemporary to old-world classic, consider potential drawbacks. Those include:

Today?s ultra-modern homes welcome a unique contemporary garage door design including alternating panels using frosted glass.
  • Initial cost ? in most cases doors with windows cost more than similar doors without them. Craftsmanship, design and production changes increase the cost. However, there?s potential to regain at least some of the cost in resale value.
  • Security concerns ? a garage door with windows might be less secure than one without. Windows can break and get knocked out. With the majority of the windows installed in today?s garage doors this isn?t a problem. That’s because they are usually rather small, near the top of the door and use shatter-proof glass.
  • Energy-efficiency ? most people consider glass to be less efficient than other materials when it comes to insulation. Selecting high-energy (High-E) multi-pane glass adds a slight R-value. Tints reflect UV light.
  • Lack of privacy ? ?people can see into my garage?? In most cases garage door windows are arranged in the top panel of the door. That?s well above normal sight lines so passersby cannot see what?s in or what isn?t in your garage. Sites chosen for windows elsewhere on the door are to keep the glass well away from door locks. That?s an increased security measure.

Windows Or Not – Installation Is Critical

As with the installation of any new garage door, a garage door with window panes must be balanced and calibrated to work with a door opening system. If you upgrade your garage door opener at the same time you install a new door the process is easier. However, calibrating a new door with an existing system isn?t difficult. The key is setting the door?s safety features ? downward pressure, etc. ? so it operates smoothly and safely. It is best to have the professional installation technician adjust the system to ensure the new door and its opener are in synch.

Country Door Systems understands that these precision-engineered systems are only as good as the trained professionals installing them. You want a team on top of all the latest design trends. For door and garage door opener installations, repairs or replacements call or email  us at 608-752-9537. We?ll show you how windows in garage doors are giving new life to homes in Janesville WI.